«Inside the vinyl surface or on the verge of reality»  

Dear Customer,

Allow us to present Grammoscope Records an independent company which is a group of creative people, who developed an opportunity for production of a project written by two unique people — Arthur and Dmitry, surprising from our point of view to appear in the worldwide marketplace. We want to expand a little prehistory of creation of the project that you have awarded by your attention.

More than twenty years ago the authors called their idea “Journey to Nowhere» of the same name as their novel, and all these years they still move along the hard and twisting road to their goal. We very much liked the scale of idea and of course the musical material which was presented to us by the authors.

Understanding complexity of implementation of all project, we suggested the authors record a promo versions of the main fragments of this opera. Two years ago authors invited the bass player and the group under the name “Grey Shadow’s Bodyguard Club Band» started recording the songs, chosen for promotional goals. Thus, the first album “Journey to Nowhere Vol.1″ has appeared.

In the album there are no songs as those. Tracks are called as the numbered opuses in that order in which they have to sound in the context of the full opera. The format of a vinyl record in our case doesn’t allow connecting full opuses in their entirety. And therefore we specially made an exception for the fourth track of «Spider» where the orchestral part passes into the hard rock version.

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